Evaluate news when forming opinions

When it comes to media nowadays, we are fortunate to have many outlets where information can be consumed: TV, online media, print, radio, magazines, newspapers etc. Yet, with so many outlets available, how is it that the majority of the population is still misinformed?

The more I research, the more I find people misinformed by media outlets and many do not bother to question what may not make sense. That is not to say we should question everything, but if something does not add up, research should be pursued to discover the truth before forming an opinion.

I’m not saying media is a negative source of information. As viewers, should do just as much research for news as we do for new products.

As a consumer and part of a society with many options, we typically do extensive research when it comes to buying a new product, but why do we settle for any news or information handed to us?

With the recent election, America is divided more than ever as a nation because of political opinions. Many voters fully supported candidate videos or posts coursing through social media, while others rejected the ideals completely.

However, many supporters or protesters created opinions about candidates based on information the media intended to provide.

The two-step-flow theory of communication says people formulate their views based on the influence of opinion leaders who interpret the information provided directly by the media.

Unfortunately, what I come to find is for many leaders, the importance of the amount of views, likes or reposts is worth any attention seeking headline or caption in order to push their mindset. Thus, when a viewer begins to analyze a video or story, he or she is already speculating based on another person’s assumption of the event.

I have personally witnessed friends, family and co-workers turn toward a view of something they have no knowledge based on something they scrolled over and did not actually read, open or research.

Although I love the benefits of social media when used correctly, it breaks my heart to know we live in an era of confusion caused by our own ignorance and lack of interest to find the truth.

Keeping my political views aside, this presidency may be good for the future of media as we have seen the power of its influence in this last election. My hope in this change is for it to challenge us to search the truth and allow ourselves to formulate our own opinions .

We should strive to stay updated and continue to stay informed. We are going to need the truth now more than ever. Demand it.

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