‘Green Light’ prefaces new album ‘Melodrama’

After four years of silence, Lorde is releasing a new album.

Lorde released “Green Light,” along with a music video March 3. This song is a precursor to her new album, “Melodrama,” which will feature personal songs about what has happened during the years since “Pure Heroine.”

Debuting at No. 100 on “Billboard’s Hot 100,” “Green Light,” will definitely see chart progress in the next weeks, making Lorde’s comeback a compelling one.

Nazonn Fernandez, sophomore nursing major, said she likes how Lorde’s music tells a story.

“There are deep meanings,” Fernandez said. “Her style isn’t ‘bubblegum pop.’ It’s pretty cool how we’re around the same age as her and that she’s known in the music industry.”

Fernandez has listened to Lorde’s newest song, and said she enjoys the refreshing beats that call back to Lorde’s first album “Pure Heroine.”

“I’ve been waiting for new music from her for a while,” Fernandez said. “This song did not disappoint; she still uses elements of imagery and metaphors.”

Bree Bouchet, sophomore public health major, said she likes Lorde’s music because it brings back good memories.

“My friend and I were actually talking about (Lorde’s music) a couple of days ago, and we were just like, ‘You can pop it in your aux cord in your car and it’s a solid soundtrack to drive to.’”

The “Green Light” single is only to be a tease to listeners. Fans will have to wait another three months for the release of “Melodrama,” which will drop June 16.

Bouchet said she is excited for Lorde’s new album and is willing to wait for it because if that is what Lorde wants, then there is probably a purpose.

“I hope it’s creative and true to her,” Bouchet said. “It would be great if she stayed with her usual sound, but if she changed it up that’s totally fine. She’s waited long enough.”

With an already positive reaction to the single, “Green Light” fans are looking forward to what the second album will bring, and what is to come for the young artist and her future endeavors.

Lorde’s first single, “Royals,” debuted at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard chart in 2013, teasing her first album that launched her career.

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