Music and Art Festival impacts Riverside locals

Riverside Art and Music Festival invites local artists and musicians of all ages to perform, display, create and sell their art and music. Sydney Vincent, 16-year-old student from martin Luther King High School in Riverside, takes her time working on a chalk portrait as an assignment for her art class. Other artists serenaded the locals, sold their art and performed various dance routines in the streets of downtown Riverside.

Downtown Riverside cleared its streets, Sept. 9 to host the Art and Music Festival, a family-friendly, community inclusive and interactive event.

The all-evening event was free for all ages. The festival featured art booths and workshops along with live music performed on a stage, the centerpiece of the event. The performances ranged in age and music style as locals sung and played on stage throughout the event.

Courtney Chandler, sophomore graphic design major, attended the event and said she enjoyed the festival.

“I had a great time because I’m someone who loves art and is very invested in it,” Chandler said. “The festival was really cool because you get to see so many different mediums and people who create art.”

Chandler explained the significance of an event like this and its impact on the community as a whole and for locals.

“It shows a wider range of artistic talent and gives better insight into who people are,” Chandler said.

The event impacted her as an individual as well. She said she related to many artists and locals at the event.

“As a graphic design major, the Art and Music Festival is very inspirational to me and speaks a lot to what I love to do,” Chandler said.

The experience appealed to both college and high school artists in downtown Riverside.

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Sydney Vincent, studio art student at Martin Luther King High School, attended the event looking for inspiration and a place to express herself.

“It’s cool because they get to express whatever they want and I like seeing all the different art and dances,” Vincent said. “Art is a way of expression for me.”

Vincent also talked about the impact an event like this can have on locals in addition to young people.

“An event like this in Riverside brings the community together,” Vincent said. “It allows everyone a platform to express their thoughts and art.”

Miguel Flores, employee at Urge Palette Art Supplies, worked on the day of the event upon special request of his boss.

Throughout the day he aided customers, completed normal work duties and created art of his own to put on display outside of the shop, which drew in more curious customers.

Flores has been an artist for eight years and has worked at Urge Palette for three years, where he has seen even more personal growth than when he first started working there.

Flores spoke on the importance of the event and the possible influence it can have on the local youth.

“It’s a cool event and it’s really good for the community and beneficial because it brings more youth out here to the art,” Flores said. “This festival brings overall awareness of what’s going on in the community and brings out local artists, musicians and dancers. It creates a more creative atmosphere for Riverside, which is really important because it opens us up more capabilities and understanding of who we are.”

The event brought in a large number of locals, as it inspired and educated the community on the art and music available in the community of Riverside and surrounding area.

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