New Crazie Rewards app engages Lancer Students

Fall sports are officially underway and the Athletic Department at California Baptist University has partnered with SuperfanU Inc. to create a new way for students to get involved and excited about Lancer games.

With a download of the free CBU Crazie Rewards app, students have the opportunity to earn points by checking in every time they attend a home game. There are $25,000 worth in prizes that will be awarded to the Lancers with the most points.

The mastermind behind the app is Micah Fuller, associate athletic director for Marketing and Media Relations. Fuller said the purpose of the app was to connect students with Lancer games.

“This was designed to engage our students — our No. 1 priority this year is to engage our students,” Fuller said.

Fuller said he was inspired to pitch the Crazie Rewards idea after seeing other colleges using similar apps.

“We talked to a lot of different schools that use this and we tried to get the best elements of every school,” Fuller said. “The whole culture has changed on how we’re energizing the students.”

With Crazie Rewards, students have the opportunity to win prizes by attending games during the fall, winter and spring seasons. There are 250 winners per season, with the top 15 superfans being awarded, so there are multiple opportunities to win.

“We’re (naming winners) three times a year,” Fuller said. If you mess up in the fall but then you’re like, ‘Hey, you know what? I’m going to all the basketball games,’ then you have another chance. You can jump in at any point.”

When designing the app, the Athletic Department made it a priority for students to be able to be as engaged as possible during games.

“We have a fan cam, so let’s say at basketball games, you can take selfies, and we’ll be able to put it up on the video board,” Fuller said.

With Crazie Rewards, students will also be able to connect their social media.

“We’re doing Snapchat filters at games,” Fuller said. “It’s all about sharing, and giving the students an experience that is better for them.”

This year, the lead Crazie is Stephen Bossert, senior aviation unmanned systems major. Bossert said every student should download the app because of all the substantial prizes offered.

“There’s some on (the app) that are pretty exciting — I mean we’re giving away Beats headphones. That’s pretty cool,” Bossert said.

Crazie Rewards also allows students to easily check the schedule of any Lancer sporting event.

“I really like how it shows all the lists of the schedules,” Bossert said. “It’s helping the students get excited about coming to sporting events. If we’re like, ‘Aw shoot, I wonder if there’s a game today,’ you can just pull up the app and it’s right there.”

The release of the app has also been a way for freshmen and transfer students, who might not be aware of games, to easily get more involved with athletic events as well.

Jaqueline Ditaranto, sophomore criminal justice major, said she first heard about the app when athletics debuted it during Welcome Weekend.

“It’s nice that the Athletic Department announced it to us during our Welcome Weekend sessions,” Ditaranto said. “It gives students more incentive to go.”

Ditaranto’s favorite aspect of the app was that it brings students together who are passionate about sports.

“It’s cool that the app gives students a way to interact if you’re interested about going to sporting events,” Ditaranto said.

The Crazie Rewards app can be downloaded through the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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