Realize the difference between stability, routines

I have lived in dozens of places. I’ve attended more than a dozen schools and I’ve never lived in one place for more than three years. It’s exciting, but at the same time, it’s not.

The thrill you get hopping around from place to place your entire life may seem fun but eventually, it gets old.

We are creatures of habit and if we take that aspect away from our life, it becomes unbalanced and unstable.

Moving around so much affects the level of investment you put into relationships. It’s so easy for me to walk away from a friendship and never miss that person. Why? Because I always knew I was going to leave to a new place.

Stability is a positive trait and it’s in our human nature to find consistency. It’s defined as the quality or state of being stable, the strength to endure. Routine is a sequence of actions regularly followed.

Millenials are so fixed on the idea that they want to travel and not have “boring” jobs so they don’t “waste their lives away.” We look down at people who want to settle down, to marry and to have a job that they’re passionate about because it seems so monotonous and screams routine.

The way you go about living your life is what can cause a tedious routine, stability doesn’t.

Waking up every day and doing the same thing without it adding value to your life is what we, as millennials, should try to avoid. We should not avoid how boring our lives will be if we stay in one place for a long time because investing in your community isn’t boring at all.

You can have a stable life, a stable job you keep for years, a family you watch grow and the ability to visit new places with- out losing that adventurous spirit we all have. Don’t associate hopping from place to place with avoiding routine.

You will never learn how to settle down and build roots somewhere if you leave before that’s even a possibility. Stability is a good thing; it’s healthy to be in one place for a long time and I’m learning that now – 22 years later.

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