Women can damage their own reputations

Nothing annoys me more than women complaining about men who make vulgar, uncomfortable or inappropriate comments about them when the woman who is on the receiving end of the comment has clearly set the stage for any man to take.

There are instances in which a man may make a sexual comment or gesture no matter how conservative a woman dresses or how she presents herself on social media. Sometimes, there is nothing else a woman can do.

But sometimes, especially when posting content on social media, there is something a woman can do.

If seductively posed photos are posted, don’t be enraged or surprised when someone makes a comment that a racy photo invites.

Everyone posts photos on Instagram that they want people to see. The word “feed” is becoming synonymous with “identity” as people focus on how to make their feed represent who they are of who they want people to think they are.

What you let your followers and friends see on social media may be the surface level of a person, but for the most part, it is all they are going to see. If you keep giving people same risqué photos to look at, chances are you are going to receive equally suggestive feedback.

If you are posting your body, you want people to see your body. If your body is all you post, what else do you expect people to make comments about?

At this point, I sound really annoyed with this subject. I did say earlier that nothing annoys me more than this.

I once saw an acquaintance complain about a man making an inappropriate comment about her. The photo was her in a small bathing suit bottom with her backside turned toward and sticking out to the camera. The comment was directed toward what she had made the focal point of the photo.

Women should not complain about the inappropriate comments if they post content that encourages them.

The attention you receive is typically in relation to the way you present yourself. If you are disgusted by the words you receive, you should take a look at what you’re giving.

You have the capability to influence the way people perceive, respect and treat you – that should not be taken lightly.

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