Cars and Coffee comes to campus

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Cal Baptist car culture portrayed through monthly event.

For many college students, a car is simply a form of transportation to get around town, but the California Baptist University Cars and Coffee club is trying to change the way students see their cars.

CBU Cars and Coffee is a time in which CBU students can come to show off their interesting vehicles as well as network with fellow car enthusiasts.

“It’s basically to build a community of both residents and commuters over the weekends but then also because I really liked cars and want to get to know more people who like cars and enjoy driving,” said Riley Evans, sophomore business administration major and creator of the club.

The monthly meet takes place the first Saturday of every month at 9 a.m. in the North Colony apartment parking lot. They encourage everything from muscle, euro and JDM to drive by and talk about what makes their cars special.

“I got the idea because Cars and Coffee is a big deal in different cities but not really on a campus environment so I wanted to start a CBU car culture if that could be possible,” Evans said. “My goal for this is eventually to just have it happen once a month on it’s own just because people want to do it not because I’m forcing in to their lives.”

He said the first meet went well and everyone was excited by the 15 cars and more than 30 students that stopped by.

“There was a large variety of cars. There were a few I’ve seen on campus that I had been wanting to see, but I was impressed by all the cars that were there that I had not noticed,” said Tyler Rhode, senior mechanical engineering major.

Rhode brought his Mazda Miata as well as his Mr2 turbo. Many other cars stoped by including vehicles like a highly modified Chevy Trailblazer and a Subaru WRX.

Christopher Peterson, senior architecture major, brought his custom-painted  Mazda RX8. He said he wanted a car that was different and would stand out from the everyday cars on the road and loves attending the monthly meets to mingle with other like-minded individuals.

“Cars used to be an entire generation’s culture that brought almost everyone together, but nowadays cars are simply tools to get from ‘A to B,’” Peterson said.

One can see these vehicles along with other car enthusiast vehicles at the next meet Nov. 4 in the North Colony apartments back parking lot.

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