Colony plans to renovate, update living areas

CBU decides largest student living area will be next place for upgrades. 

California Baptist University has been surpassing expectations with recent remodeling and construction of buildings across campus like The Village. However, according to staff and residential students, The Colony Apartments is in need of renovations and repairs.

Students who live in Colony, the largest residential area on campus at CBU, have reported damage and other maintenance issues.

Anthony Lammons, CBU dean of students, said The Colony will be the next target for housing remodeling in summer 2018, but the exact plans regarding what those renovations will look like in the future are still in the process of being made.

“We look at the age and condition of the living area (to determine renovations) and, therefore, we selected two this year,” Lammons said. “The next on the list is The Colony. We’re looking at what are those things that need to be done. We have university standards for flooring, baths, cabinetry, paint and furnishings in all living areas.”

Lammons said one of the remodeling targets for The Colony will be the apartment balconies and removing tubs to build showers instead.

Staff also said they hope to replace entire fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, cabinets, flooring and paint.

“One of the challenges (with The Colony) is going to be simply the size,” Lammons said. “We’re actually in process of defining what are the things we want to do and getting an idea of how much can we bite off at one time.”

Lammons said that the school budget year is July 1 – June 30 so faculty is already in the process of formulating next years’ budget. This will determine how much will be available to spend on The Colony renovations. Lammons said staff expect remodeling. The Colony will be a multi-million dollar project.

Nathan Hicks, associate director of Housing Services, said the exact release dates for renovations in The Colony should be announced within the coming months.

However, Hicks said he was hopeful regarding the improvements CBU has been making in student housing.

“We are constantly working to improve the on-campus housing experience of all of our residents,” Hicks said. “This (past) summer is an excellent example of our collective efforts to fulfill this goal.”

Hicks has been employed at CBU for three years and has witnessed many renovations across campus.

Janice Rubio, senior health science major, said she was glad to hear about The Colony receiving improvements. Rubio has lived in The Colony for two years at CBU and has witnessed the need for improvements in the apartment complexes.

“I’m happy for the future students of CBU to have the opportunity to live in a renovated Colony,” Rubio said.

Rubio said she has admired all the work that staff has put into the new buildings on campus but the renovations will attract more new students.

With the increased student population at CBU, the staff is having to adjust to the need of more residential areas on campus.

The complex renovations will follow some of CBU’s upgrades to accommodate the growing student population

The Colony is a hub of community and events for CBU students and the planned improvements for the apartments will elevate the status of the apartment on campus.

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