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Put those summer succulents to good use by using them as part of a fall centerpiece.

If you do not have a traditional vase or pot, do not worry because all one needs for this seasonal craft is two different succulents, a small pumpkin and a knife, to add a pop of color to any table this autumn.

Simply carve a hole at the top of the pumpkin and proceed to hollow out the seeds inside.

Once cleared, arrange the succulents to liking.

Be sure to add water and keep a little of the soil inside to ensure that this low maintenance project will last all the way through Thanksgiving.

The humor of the overall experience was obvious.Β  While the craft was completed, the process was messy and evoked a lot of laughter.

Danielle Lutjiens

The pumpkins were easy to hollow out and the finished product was adorable.

While Thanksgiving decor is often all similar, this craft is creative and fun to do at home.

By the end of the time spent carving out the pumpkins, unpacking and repacking the succulents and cleaning up the workspace, three new and artsy decorations had been created.

We enjoyed this decoration because it was easy and cheaper than a lot of other crafts one can do for Thanksgiving.

Each succulent was around $2-3 and each pumpkin was $2 as well. For a grand total of only $5 one can decorate his or her table, desks or bathroom with a subtle hint of fall.

After some trial-and-error, the succulents were potted into three petite and festive pumpkins to celebrate the season.

Be sure to keep a special pumpkin-carving knife and pumpkin scoop to make the process hassle-free and to avoid more cleanup.

Find pumpkins that are not too shallow so the succulents have enough room in the soil to take root and ensure they live through the fall season.

To pot the succulents with more ease, trim the roots so they fit into the soil and pack it in tight so they stay upright.

Danielle Lutjiens

We found it helpful to have a small bag to throw the pumpkin seeds and extra soil into making for an easy cleanup.

In addition, for less mess, lay down a plastic covering while making the project and throw away when finished for onestep cleanup.

We would recommend this autumn project to anyone who enjoys do-it-yourself projects but does not have a lot of time to complete them.

Not only can one take pride in his or her new fall creation, but the craft also serves as a time to connect with friends. It is a great way to bond with neighbors and roommates in a new, stress-free setting.

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