Student savings opportunities available on and off campus

The average college student is not known for his or her flow of cash. While many students have a minimum-wage job, that does little to sway them away from trying to save more of his or her income.

While some students may be employed, many would still jump at the chance to save money, and there are a lot of student-saving opportunities they may not know about.

Teaming up with ASCBU, it is possible for any current CBU student, including faculty and staff, to be able to ride buses run by the Riverside Transit Agency at no charge, just by showing his or her CBU ID.

This is not the only student savings opportunity offered by CBU. The Office of Community Life offers many discounts. Students are able to purchase theme park tickets, such as those for Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags, the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park.

Community Life also allows students to buy up to five movie tickets a week from the Lounge. Community Life sells tickets at a reduced price for Regal Cinemas at $9 and AMC Theaters at $10.

One of the more popular and well-known student saving companies is Unidays, a student savings network devoted to offering student discounts. The offers vary from music app subscriptions to deals on new clothing styles or makeup brands.

Dr. Adele Harrison, professor of business and finance, explained the business perspective that companies such as Unidays might take when handing out deals.

“Deals geared to students are designed to build loyalty. Companies are willing to take little profit from this group in the hopes that a long-term relationship will be very profitable. An initial customer is more expensive to get than a happy, returning customer,” Harrison said.

Maddison Rickard, senior theater major, uses Unidays and said she is satisfied with her experiences.

“I really like it and enjoy having it. I wish I had known about it sooner because it’s only effective while you’re in college. You get 20 percent off of Limecrime if you’re a Unidays member and it’s a supercool makeup brand that I love,” Rickard said.

While Unidays is a seemingly effective student savings source, there are more.

From the $4.99 package deal of Spotify and Hulu that is offered for college students to movie theater discounts at local cinemas, college students have ample opportunities to save money but still have full and complete experiences.

“There’s a ton of student discounts, but most students aren’t actually aware of them,” Rickard said.

According to The University Network, companies and franchises in Riverside that accept student discounts with proof of a valid and current school ID include Loft, AMC Tyler Galleria, Best Buy, as well as Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts. The discounts offered at each franchise varies according to the company, ranging from special deals to 20 percent off of specific purchases.

Spotify, Hulu, and Unidays are not the only online companies with student marketed deals and offers. Amazon Prime offers a student specified deal called “Prime Student” in which students are offered an Amazon Prime package that has a six-month free trial option. There are plenty of local saving opportunities for college students in the Riverside area.

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