Tapingo continues to expand on campus

The food industry is becoming faster than ever with the expanding integration of technology, allowing customers to receive what they order without the hassle of lines or transportation.

In the chaotic world of a college student, meals and snacks remain as fast-paced as the seemingly never-ending due dates in classes. Students are gravitating toward food options that cater to their busy schedules.

With the growing use and integration of technology in the food industry, receiving food in a timely manner is becoming not only possible but increasingly ordinary.

Tapingo is an app that allows users to order and pay for food on the app, making the pickup effortless and convenient for the customers.

“(Tapingo) is great if you’re in a hurry,” said Jake Driscoll, freshman graphic design major. “It’s nice, quick and easy to grab your food on the go.”

Some say using technology to facilitate everyday actions more efficiently creates a more lazy society; however, Robert Silva, freshman film major, said he feels Tapingo actually does the opposite.

“Sometimes students have things to do, so it’s nice to just quickly get your food and continue with your day,” Silva said.

On California Baptist University’s campus, Chick-fil-A, Brisco’s Cafe, El Monte Grill, Wanda’s Coffee and Foodology all participate with Tapingo to provide students the opportunity to order and pay with either meal swipes, Dining Dollars or a card option through the app on their smartphone.

The app makes it easier for students to pick up their food from where they ordered it and skip the long lines.

“It’s all to the benefit of the students,” said Albert Esqueda, manager of Brisco’s Cafe. “Tapingo is a plus for the student so that their order is ready when they get here, their payment is taken care of and their food is taken care of.”

Though the sandwich menu is already available, Esqueda said Brisco’s plans to add Wok On and Joey G’s to the Tapingo menu as soon as possible in order to give students variety.

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