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Mission Galleria Antique Shoppe is a remarkable store in not only its size but also its content and age.

The store draws in customers from all generations — older customers looking to relive memories and younger customers searching for old trends to revive.

The Mission Galleria Antique Shoppe, located in downtown Riverside across the street from the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, was opened more than two decades ago and is currently owned by Craig Johnston.

Customers walk into the shop and are greeted with hundreds of antiques from cameras to jewelry and see huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

The shop is divided into different sections across four floors so it looks like someone going from one person’s house to another.

The Mission Galleria Antique Shoppe is made up of more than 100 vendors so customers are bound to find something they want or simply spend hours looking through all the merchandise.

Some vendors have been a part of the Mission Galleria Antique Shoppe for years.

Vinnie Di-Padova, vendor and Riverside resident, has been selling his merchandise in the Mission Galleria for 18 years. His shop, AD Jewelry Creations, also offers jewelry repairs on watches and clocks.

“I have worked for Vinnie DiPadova for about nine years,” said Megan Montellano, AD Jewelry Creations employee, “When I started to work at (Mission Galleria Antique Shoppe) nine years ago the downstairs was not what it is today and the fourth floor was not open.”

Over the years, the Mission Antique Shoppe has grown and expanded with a connected coffee shop, Molinos Coffee, owned by Irene Gonzales.

“I saw that space was vacant in the Mission Galleria and I approached the owners and told them that it would be a perfect location for a coffee shop and it snowballed from there,” Gonzales said. “Being connected to the Mission Galleria Antique Shoppe has been good business. We are in the heart of downtown (Riverside). It is a great location.”

Gonzales also said the Mission Galleria and Molinos Coffee share the same customers. Customers come into her coffee shop from the inside of the Galleria because not many people know they are connected.

The coffee shop might be a surprise for the customers, but many do not know that in the basement there is a restaurant called the Hideaway Cafe. The cafe is known for its affordable prices on food and for its night club atmosphere that have people waiting in a line outside for hours.

The Mission Galleria has been a part of the downtown Riverside atmosphere for many years and is looking forward to many years to come.

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