Athletics announces future dance team

Search for future dance team coach progresses for 2018-2019 season.

The Athletics Department at California Baptist University has exciting changes in store for the 2018-2019 sports season.

Not only is CBU transitioning to Division I but a dance team will be added to the university as well.

Tami Fleming, head coach of cheer, said CBU decided to add the dance team to the Athletics Department to offer more opportunities for female athletes, expand the spirit program, and create a more exciting game day environment.

“The team will be featured at basketball games, special events on campus and will be found often side-by-side with our CBU Golden Girls (cheerleaders),” Fleming said.

A dance coach has not been picked yet but a nationwide search for the coach that will best fit CBU is currently taking place. Once he or she is selected, the coach will have the opportunity to choose regional, state and eventually national level competitions in which the team can compete.

One of the Lancers excited about the new addition of the dance team and considering trying out is Sierrah Scarpine, sophomore business administration major and base on the Golden Girls cheer team.

“Dance has been my whole life since I was a baby,” Scarpine said. “I have danced and been a part of different dance crews since I was 2 years old. Then, I got into cheer in high school and that’s why I do cheer at CBU.”

Scarpine said the dance team will make a great addition to CBU because it will give dancers a platform they have not had in the past.

“This team will be a great addition because it will give new dancers a chance to see what CBU is all about and give us a chance to showcase different aspects of talent never seen before at this school,” Scarpine said.

Olivia Miller, assistant coach of cheer, said that any Lancers who are interested in joining the team will have the opportunity to try out once the coach has been chosen.

“Very similar to our cheer program, CBU Dance will recruit throughout the current season and will hold an open tryout at the end of the school year,” Miller said.

Fleming added what qualities the coach will be looking for in new potential recruits.

“The new coach will be on the search for motivated and talented dancers to help create the first-ever CBU dance team,” Flemming said.

If students are interested in making history by being a part of the first CBU dance team, they can fill out a recruiting form on the CBU Athletics website.

Be on the lookout for the new addition to athletics in fall of 2018 as the dance team will be making CBU games and events even more thrilling than before.

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