Career fair brings jobs to students

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The Career Center is made available to students to help them feel confident as they make the transition out of college.

The Fall Career Fair, sponsored by the Career Center of California Baptist University, took place Oct. 25 in the Recreation Center with 104 companies represented at the fair.

This event gave students the opportunity to network with companies from all across southern California.

Lisa Singer, associate director of employer relations at the Career Center, organized the event and said her hope every year is to bridge the relationship between employers and students.

“I have the privilege of not only working with employers but also students so I get to broker that and be the liaison,” Singer said. “I build a relationship with employers whether it takes one year, two years or three years so they have the opportunity of stepping onto our campus and meeting strong candidates.”

It offers opportunities throughout the year to help prepare students for events like the Career Fair with résumé workshops, a list of the employers attending, and a free rental of professional garments for students.

“My job is over once an employer meets our students,” Singer said. “I don’t have to try any longer because of the caliber of students who are coming out of CBU. Time after time we are hearing from employers about how the caliber of students here is absolutely amazing.”

Mary Brannon, junior nursing major, attended the Career Fair for the first time this year because she said it was time for her to start thinking about her future after college.

“The Career Fair is helpful because getting a job is a critical element to having an income to pay bills,” Brannon said. “I have been looking at companies that I’m not really interested in because I’m trying to build confidence to talk to people who I’m trying to impress.”

One of the companies that have consistently been a part of the Career Fair is Target.

Billy Jones, CBU alumnus and representative of Target, said the company keeps coming back because of the quality of students applying for jobs.

“The talent pool we get from this campus is unlike other ones, not only from the background they bring but the ethics that they learn on this campus go a long way and really relate to what we’re really driving as a company for Target,” Jones said. “A lot of people don’t know about the jobs we offer at Target and it gives the students an opportunity to see not only our company but all the companies represented.”

Singer said the goal of this event every year is for the students to get the job but also to put CBU on the map to exhibit the university’s quality of students.

“We compete with some amazing schools but some of those amazing schools do not have the caliber of students that we have here,” Singer said of CBU students.

“Employment is rising and if I’m an employer, not only do I want a hard-worker, but knowing that I’m hiring someone with integrity, value and character is far more profitable.”

Singer said she hopes that students will take into consideration the time and money put into their education and take every opportunity to get in front of an employer.

The next Career Fair will be Feb. 21 with 120 companies represented, followed by the Teachers Fair and the Nurses Fair. To prepare for the event, the Career Center will offer the list of employers and résumé workshops for students interested in the opportunity.

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