CBU meme account gains popularity

Memes, or virtual internet jokes, have taken over the internet as one of the most popular trends in social media. One cannot go on the internet anymore without seeing a picture with a funny caption on it.

The first meme can be attributed to the 2001 blockbuster PlayStation game “Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty,” where recurring clones of the main character are referenced as memes.

In 2012, the word “meme” skyrocketed to mainstream popularity and has taken off since then.

Memes have become a popular mode of expression for many millennial college students as a way to joke about their everyday struggles and angst.

Recently, many colleges have started to create meme social media accounts and California Baptist University is no exception.

CBU has many official Instagram pages but one of the most popular unofficial accounts is the CBU Memes Instagram account with more than 2,000 followers that can be found @cbumemes.

“I started the CBU Memes page because I saw that there were so many problems, jokes and situations that CBU students, in particular, could relate to,” said the CBU Memes page creator, a criminal justice major, who wished to remain anonymous. “I wanted to create a page in which the student body could look and see that their fellow classmates were struggling with the same day-to-day frustrations and laugh about it.”

CBU students are able to submit memes they have made to the account in hopes it might be posted. With an average of 450 likes per meme, the account has grown to have great success, showing just how popular memeing has become.

People make memes out of things like current events, politics, celebrities, work, school or any topic one could find funny. There are so many different memes that almost anyone can find one to which they relate.

“My favorite types of memes are usually ones about celebrities or funny animal pictures because they always force me to stop and laugh even when it’s a busy day,” said Maddie Alexander, senior early childhood studies major. “They are a good stress-reliever.”

Students said they enjoy the humorous internet pictures because they feel they can sympathize with them while getting a good laugh.

“Memes are funny when they are original and are relatable,” said Ryan Reed, senior biochemistry major. “It is nice to see that other people are going through the same things I am.”

Some may argue that memeing is just a fad but because of their suddenly overwhelming popularity, many would say otherwise.

“Memes will change over time but will still be around in some form or another,” the CBU Memes page creator said.

Memes have been flooding social media for quite some time and it appears as though they are not going any where for the time being.

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