DTR Farmer’s Market adds charisma

Downtown Riverside hosts a farmer’s market every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m, located on Main and sixth streets, that displays the charm and character of the Inland Empire itself.

A variety of booths and local businesses sell goods and connect with their customers.

The atmosphere of a farmer’s market usually is one of laid-back shopping and carefree browsing of different booths. Wildflowers are made into beautiful bouquets that can be purchased and a few booths are dedicated to succulents and other interesting plants. Everyone can find something that attracts them at local street fairs.

Customer service can be a difficult line of work. People are not always agreeable, and poor communication can hinder an individual’s shopping experience.

Randy Floyd, owner of a local fruit stand, Sage Mountain Farm, gave insight to the experience he has had with his customers.

“Most customers have very good attitudes. People come here to have a nice outdoor shopping experience so they’re in a good mood. That makes it easier to interact with them,” Floyd said.

Several booths offer items that are interesting and not often heard of.

Laurette Noblin has worked at the market every Saturday with her company, The Seeds of Xanxadu–Microgreens and More, since June. The company produces a variety of different greens and herbs that can be added to sandwiches and hamburgers for an enriched flavor.

“I love the environment here. No one is in a hurry and it’s funny to see customers get excited about our product when they were first afraid of trying it,” Noblin said.

She discovered an ad on Craigslist to work at markets like this and it was her boss’ dream to become more well known.

Farmers markets can attract a large variety of people as a local activity or a tourist attraction. College students can use this as an opportunity to get away from school for a few hours and enjoy a carefree Saturday.

Chris McGillen, a tourist from Ireland, said he was excited about being able to visit the market while in the United States.

“This was my first time visiting the downtown farmer’s market but I will definitely be back with my wife,” McGillen said. “It introduced me to a whole new side of Riverside culture. It is charming, romantic and fun. It sort of reminded me of simpler times in Western Europe from my childhood.”

A relaxing weekend can rejuvenate a long school week. CBU students can benefit from the market’s proximity and lighten the mood of mundane Mondays with fresh flowers and a healthy  locally produced breakfast.

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