Golf takes time off from tournaments, preps for spring season

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California Baptist University’s men’s and women’s golf teams are preparing to take a nearly four-month break from tournament competition.

The teams have been on a roll this season and the players expressed their plans to keep up that momentum heading into their off-period.

The gap between tournaments is in accordance with NCAA rules because the NCAA prohibits any team to participate in tournaments between the end of October until the beginning of January.

“There are some technical aspects of the game that we need work on during that period that we have not been able to work on during the season because we are focused on competing,” said Ben Hallam, junior business administration major.

Sharon Oh, junior health science major, said her plan is to stay fresh.

“I want to maintain the momentum that I have and keep improving on my short game,” Oh said. “I also want to keep the same kind of practice routine and enter into some individual tournaments to stay fresh.”

Marc Machado, head coach of women’s golf, said having a large gap between tournaments can have its advantages because it encourages the players to work on their skills and rest.

“The advantage is there is less burn-out,” Machado said. “They are top-level athletes.”

Both of the coaching staffs said they have no doubt their teams will be ready to play coming off the break.

“These guys are self-motivated enough to go out there and work on the things they need to work on,” said TL Brown, head coach of men’s golf.

There will be high expectations as both teams have been successful in their fall tournaments.

“We would love to go to nationals this season, especially, since it is our last year in Division II,” Machado said.

The players also said they have confidence in themselves and their respective teams.

“We are going to keep doing better. We are going to do well as a team and keep trying to climb up the rankings,” said Erica Wang, junior business administration major.

Men’s tournaments will resume next Feb. 5 at the Fujikura Tournament in Vista, California at 8 a.m., and the women’s tournaments will also start Feb. 5 at the Point Loma Nazarene University Reach in San Diego at 8 a.m.

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