Halloween spirit cultivates unity

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The annual Residence Life to enjoy Halloween at California Baptist University. The event, hosted Oct. 31 in

The Colony Apartments living area, included themed carnival games, face paint, and food as CBU students dressed to impress in Halloween costumes.

Residence Life paid tribute to “The Lion King” (1994) during the event, continuing its traditional truck hayride with a movie-themed twist. The hayride showcased residence advisors as they illustrated scenes from “The Lion King.”

Residence Life began planning the popular event in April when RAs selected “The Lion King” as the theme. Preparations started at the end of August, and a Residence Life Halloween committee brainstormed and organized through October.

Taylor Rilling, residence director for The Cottages and one of three RDs on the Halloween committee, reflected on the purpose of the event.

“Our goal in Rez Life is, like a lot of other offices — to foster community,” Rilling explained. “We work with students who live here on campus, so the goal of the event is to give students an opportunity to come, have fun and be with friends on Halloween on campus.”

Rilling said she hoped the event would cultivate community and provide the opportunity to simply have a good time.

“Ultimately, I hope students feel connected to campus and to their RA,” Rilling said. “The event is also a really cool thing for RA staffs to do together as it helps bond and build their community as well. ”

Abbie Scroggins, junior  psychology major and first-comer to the event, related her experience at the Halloween party.

“I love ‘The Lion King’ as it is the best Disney movie ever, so I enjoyed the event,” said Scroggins. “My roommate is also an RA and was a giraffe for a skit, so I got to support her. ”

Rilling said all RA staff dedicate time to prepare for scenes by making costumes, assembling games and food and planning skits for students to view during the hay ride.

Rebecca Boyd, sociology and psychology double major and resident advisor in The Cottages, shared her excitement for the annual event.

“It’s a time where residents and commuters can come to campus on Halloween night and just enjoy a big party and fun alternative for Halloween,” said Boyd. “Community is built by food, so the event includes free candy and food.

It also gives students an opportunity to see their RAs, RDs, and classmates in a different light. You’re all just hanging out, laughing, playing games, and enjoying the Halloween festivities.”

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