Mayor leads themed hike, fosters fitness

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Riverside County’s second annual Costume Walk took place Oct. 28.

The walk was sponsored by Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey as part of “Walktober” Month.

More than 60 people attended the event to meet the mayor, get some exercise in a family-friendly environment, and show their holiday spirit with creative costumes.

After a poll on Facebook, the community decided Mayor Bailey’s costume would be Woody from the “Toy Story” franchise.

The event featured a five-mile hike up Mount Rubidoux led by Mayor Bailey.

Bailey said he wanted to emphasize the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and being able to better communicate with the community.

“We want to encourage ‘fit, fresh and fun’ which is our motto to encourage a healthier lifestyle,” Bailey said.

The mayor led the community up the mountain and told the history of the city and of the many people who have had an historical impact on Mount Rubidoux and the city as a whole.

“It is a way to get people outside and exercising with their community,” Bailey said. “It is a walking town hall meeting.”

“I enjoyed the hike because it was a fun way to get people outside and exercising while bringing the community and friends together,” said Shane McLeod, Murrieta resident and participant in the walk. “The event and the costumes reminded me of the experiences I had as a child with my family during the holidays.”

The Costume Walk will be an annual tradition for the Riverside community as a part of its initiative to encourage the community to seek “fit, fresh and fun” alternatives for a healthier lifestyle.

The community also promotes this lifestyle with similar events, including visiting the local farmer’s markets and visiting community gardens.

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