Moving home after graduation is acceptable

You get to college, graduate and get married, right?

For most students that is how they feel their lives should end up. This is not always the case. Some feel when you are handed a college diploma and move back in with your parents you are taking a step back.

This statement is false as it is nowhere near a step back but a step forward because it is a very beneficial financial decision.

By moving back home, you are only gaining a better financial footing that will benefit you for years to come.

Moving back home, while not an option for everyone, can be a smart decision for those postgraduates drowning in student loans debt.

Many entry-levels positions give graduates barely enough money to pay for basic needs, let alone make a dent in those student loans — that is, if you are lucky enough to have a job waiting for you after graduation.

Most students have to take at least a few months to go through the process of finding a job after graduation.

Having a chance to live at home allows you to save money on things like rent and utilities.

The money being saved can go straight to student loans as it is important to start paying them off as soon as possible.

Another great advantage to moving back home is that it allows the opportunity to start building an emergency savings.

One may never have a better opportunity in his or her life to build that rainy-day fund quicker than when a person is working full time and not having to deal with the obstacle of living expenses.

Post-graduation is a time of figuring out what you want to do, what you like and what you are good at. This may include having to acquire multiple different jobs until an enjoyable one is found.

There is no better time to play the field than when you do not have to worry about bills or living expenses. One can jump from job to job without having to worry about a steady paycheck.

The stigma of moving back home after finishing school is slowly becoming non-existent as many students are realizing the benefits.

According to CNBC, 36 percent of graduating seniors are planning to live at home for at least one year or more after graduation.

One should not be embarrassed to move back home or feel as if he or she is taking a step backward in life because the pros clearly weight out the cons.

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