New Midnight Madness venue leaves students excited

With the basketball season quickly approaching, Midnight Madness will provide the perfect opportunity to stir up excitement among the California Baptist University student body

Nov. 5 at 10 p.m. Midnight Madness will take place in the Events Center for the first time and the expectations for the event are at an all-time high.

“I expect to meet lots of new people, engage in the community and get hyped for the upcoming basketball season. The Events Center is such a nice building and seems like it’ll be the perfect place to host all-school events like this,” said Brieanna Dillashaw, freshman nursing major.

With the dunking and 3-point contests, alongside the school spirit competition, this event is designed to kick off the basketball season.

Students can come to the event by wearing their “Crazies” T-shirt or showing they have a ticket.

Kristin Holderman, director of campus activities in the Office of Community Life, hinted at some of the benefits of having Midnight Madness in the Events Center and surprises for students.

“There will definitely be some enhancements for Midnight Madness because of the Events Center and there will be a mix of familiarity from previous years as well as some brand-new activities. However, we want the students to witness these first-hand at the event, so I cannot disclose the new additions,” Holderman said.

With basketball being one of CBU’s most renowned sports, the season will draw attention.

Jordan Gonzalez, freshman business major and guard for men’s basketball, said he thinks the event will be a success.

“Midnight Madness will be a good way to show the talent of this year’s team, as we’ve put a lot of hard work and effort into our skills and playing compatibility,” Gonzalez said. “Hopefully, the student body gets excited about the season because the players definitely are.”

This year’s team has put an immense amount of time and dedication into their talent and skills. The student body will surely be united behind their support for the basketball players, and a night to celebrate the team’s potential is a great way to introduce that unity to the school.

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