Season two of ‘Stranger Things’ entices, excites fans

Netflix released the long awaited ”Stranger Things: Season 2” Oct. 27 with nine new episodes. The Netflix Original sequel was released 15 months after the first season, which immediately became popular among Netflix users.

Alanna Saldana, junior nursing major, saw the premiere showing at the Fox Theater in Westwood.

Cast members, including Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler), Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) and Joe Keery (Steve Harrington), attended the showing to watch the first two episodes of the new season with the audience.

Saldana said it was exciting to be in the same room experiencing the opening night with the cast members.

“This season is more fastpace and is more graphic. It is also mysterious so it keeps you interested,” Saldana said. “I binge-watched the whole thing the day it came out — that is how interesting it is. Most of the characters are the same, with the exception of a few, so the viewers already have connections with some of the characters.”

New characters of “Stranger Things: Season 2” include Max (Sadie Sink) and her older brother, Billy (Dacre Montgomery).

“The new characters add a new dimension to the show,” said Hailey Adams, junior health science major. “By adding new characters the show will become more complex, therefore keeping its viewers intrigued.”

The first episode of season two starts out in the streets of Chicago as viewers find out Eleven is not alone in her telekinetic powers.

Ashley Coleman, junior early childhood studies major, said she is excited to continue watching the new season.

“The first episode (of season two) sets up an awesome theme

for the season,” Coleman said. “I loved that they brought in new characters right away and gave some information on cliffhangers from last season,”

Though season three has yet to be announced by Netflix, Matt Duffer, one of the creators of “Stranger Things,” said the third installment is still in the writing process.

There will be a time jump since the actors will be older by the time season three is ready to begin shooting.

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