S.W.A.T., Fruit of the Boom win Fortuna Bowl 2017

Fruit of the Boom and S.W.A.T. came out victorious in the Fortuna Bowl, the highly anticipated annual championship for men’s and women’s intramural flag football that takes place on the Front Lawn at California Baptist University, that took place Nov 11.

The women’s game started first between the Canadian Bowlers and S.W.A.T., came up with a 25-0 victory over the Bowlers.

Rachel Rivette, senior Christian behavioral science major and quarterback for S.W.A.T., said it feels good to win Fortuna Bowl and represent the legacy team.

“We are a S.W.A.T. legacy team and we’ve been around for 12 years and never actually won Fortuna Bowl,” Rivette said.

Rivette also said she joined intramural football because she has always liked playing sports.

“I like the relationships that come out of sports,” Rivette said. “I have gained sisters in Christ and I was able to learn a lot of life skills through it.”

The men’s game soon followed between Fruit of the Boom and Goon Squad. Fruit of the Boom started out with a 14-0 lead, but the Goon Squad was able to come back and tie the game at 14 to go into overtime.

In overtime, the Goon Squad scored first with a touchdown, but failed to score a two-point conversion. Fruit of the Boom scored two touchdowns without two-point conversions in overtime to gain a 26-20 victory.

“It was a close game, being up 14-0 at halftime we knew we had to keep the focus going into halftime and coming out they ran the score on us,” said Ben Giese, senior business administration major and quarterback for Fruit of the Boom. “To even it out, it came really close in the end — but to keep our focus and trust one another — it feels really good.”

Giese also said the best part about playing intramural flag football is the camaraderie of the team.

“(I enjoy) just being able to come out here and make new friends,” Giese said. “Also to come out with friends you already know and to just get together and play the sport we all love” is the best part about playing intramural flag football.



With the conclusion of Fortuna Bowl, the intramural flag football season is over, but Community Life offers plenty of sports in which to participate throughout the school year.

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