CBU students join popular caroling group, brings joy to Disneyland crowd

Music group prepared in advance for Christmas.

While most people start listening to Christmas music near the beginning of December, the Goode Time Carolers started preparing as early as June when auditions for the group took place.

Although the Goode Time

Carolers sing for venues and events during the Christmas season, they are most well known for their caroling at Disneyland.

In taking part in this group, it is necessary that each member memorize 75 Christmas songs from the binder given to each participant. After that, regular rehearsals make sure all singers have their part memorized and that it is proportional to the other parts.

Stephen Sleeper, senior music composition major, joined the Goode Time Carolers for the first time this year.

“We had rehearsals every Monday from the beginning of September to the last Monday of October. Throughout, it was up to us to schedule ‘pick-up rehearsals’ where we would go to a carolers house, typically four of us – a whole quartet – and we would go over songs.”

Lexi Gunn, junior music composition and vocal performance double major, said she is excited to be a member of the Goode Time Carolers for her second year.

She said this group of carolers not only boasts a high standard for musical quality, but also invests much in their aesthetic presentation for their caroling jobs with warm, color-coordinated, Dickensian outfits.

“The hardest part for me was learning the words because there are so many words in Christmas carols. It’s kind of amazing,” Gunn said.

Gunn explained a few things she particularly likes about the group.

“The most interesting thing is that it’s at Disneyland. It’s easy for singers to make money; you just need to hold a part and be interesting. It’s easy to do, and it’s nice to have a place outside of the School of Music to perform,” Gunn said.

Represented by Goode Time Productions, the Goode Time Carolers are one of the most popular caroling groups performing in Southern California, Nashville and Las Vegas. While the Goode Time Carolers are a group of musicians, caroling is a tradition anyone can start to get in the mood for the coming season.

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