Netflix puts large sum of new budget toward creating more original shows and movies

Netflix has been rated the best overall streaming service online for its “selection, quality and performance consistency,” according to Tom’s Guide, a technology rating website run by a team of writers, editors and technology experts.

Netflix, which offers a large variety of both online streaming entertainment and physical DVD options, was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in August 1997 and has since grown exponentially.

However, it did not stream its first original until 2013, starting with “House of Cards.” Just in 2017, Netflix has already put out 30 original shows. As of now, within the huge selection of Netflix originals, there are also nine anime series and one movie.

In a video call with writers from online tech newssource, The Verge, Oct. 16, Ted Sarandos, chief content officer of Netflix, announced the company will put a large portion of its $8 billion budget for 2018 toward producing and putting out more Netflix original anime series and movies, more specifically, “30 new anime series and 80 new anime original films, all slated for release in 2018.”

CBU student Saramonet Sunahara, senior psychology major, said she got into anime while she was in high school; however, she became more invested in the last two years. Sunahara considers “The Seven Deadly Sins,” a Netflix original, one of her favorite animes.

“I am excited for more because of how good ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ came out. Whether it’s a Netflix original or not, all the ones on Netflix seem decent — they do a good job of creating animes,” Sunahara said. “However, recreating the anime ‘Death Note’ (2017) into a movie was honestly a bad idea and wasn’t executed properly,” Sunahara said. “It just turned out really corny. I don’t think it really embodied the anime.”

Time will tell how Netflix users react to the new anime series and movies that will be released next year. With mixed reviews, it is hard to tell what direction the views will go.

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