Riverside Food Lab to arrive downtown in 2018

With a broad array of small businesses and community events and entertainment, Riverside Food Lab, a future food hall, will make its debut in Downtown Riverside by early spring 2018.

Located in an industrial-style building with trendy public art and warm outdoor fireplaces, Riverside Food Lab, soon to open at 3605 Market St. is a venue that will hold 14 vendors of various food-and-drink options and showcase live entertainment events.

From breakfast, lunch and dinner to late-night snacks and mid-morning options, the Food Lab offers it all. The confirmed food vendors within the “RFL Family” will feature a large selection of choices that cater to everyone.

“These eateries were chosen specifically to bring food concepts and restaurants to Riverside that were underrepresented in the downtown area,” said Tim Milhouse, marketing, leasing and project manager for the Riverside Food Lab.

Known for its passionate owners and high-quality coffee, Augie’s Coffee plans to expand from its current locations in Riverside, Redlands, Temecula and Claremont. Augie’s Coffee, popular among California Baptist University students, plans to open its first “express” location in the Riverside Food Lab.

“I love the coffee shop environment and I love that it can be combined with beautiful art,” said Felipe Gorini, senior health science major. “I also enjoy the convenience of it. It’s nice to have good-quality coffee available on the go. I’m so excited to see small local businesses, like Augie’s Coffee and more, start small and then do well, expand and succeed,” Gorini said.

Other retailers will serve authentic Caribbean Creole cuisine, homemade Lebanese food, wood-fired pizza, Japanese ramen and poke, classic Mexican food and “comfort food.”

Freely Raw, which sells pressed juice, Bolcupop, a fruit pop, bowl and cup shop, and Sweet Combforts, will offer Riverside residents dessert-style waffles.

Modeled to be similar to well-known Grand Central Market in Los Angeles, the Riverside Food Lab is projected to be the newest hot spot in arts, entertainment and cuisine in the Inland Empire.

“Our biggest goal for the Riverside Food Lab to become an indispensable gathering place,” Milhouse said. “We hope it’s the place visitors come to get a sense of the culture and hospitality of Riverside.”

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