Weightlifting promotes health, changes lives of CBU students

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Between taking classes, studying and maintaining a social life, many students at California Baptist University find time to go to the gym to partake in weightlifting.

This pastime has helped many Lancers become not only stronger but also healthier and happier.

David Suderman, freshman chemical engineering major, began weightlifting a year ago and said he has seen improvements in his physique as a result.

“Since I started lifting I’ve gained about 30 pounds, and I’m stronger than I ever was,” Suderman said.

Suderman said lifting also helped shape his mentality.

“If I go a week without lifting, just emotionally I feel empty and I don’t feel as happy,” Suderman said. “I feel like I can’t focus if I don’t go. There’s so much energy in me so it’s a good outlet for me to get rid of that energy in a positive way.”

Garrett Evans, freshman music education major, said lifting is also an enjoyable pastime.

“I do it to stay fit, be the best that I can be, and to have fun getting stronger,” Evans said.

Raelyn Rooney, junior communication studies major, is a certified personal trainer and runs her own business, Raelyn Rooney Fitness. She said she believes everyone should participate in weight training of some sort because of the health benefits it promotes.

“Lifting reduces cortisol levels which affects anxiety and depression,” Rooney said. “My clients have reversed their Diabetes diagnosis, osteoporosis, and even cancer.”

Rooney said that weight lifting has contributed to the person she is today.

“I used to be underweight due to a high metabolism that which resulted in extreme bullying and anxiety,” Rooney said. “My dad signed me up for a gym when I was 12, and my weightlifting journey began. As years went on I began to gain muscle weight and my confidence increased.”

For people who want to begin weightlifting but are nervous about starting Suderman offered words of advice.

“Some people think others are judging them but that’s not the case,” Suderman said. “Honestly, it’s nice seeing newcomers at the gym being proactive about changing themselves.”

No matter why students choose to partake in weightlifting; the activity is something in which anyone can get involved.

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