Professor contributes to new ESV Bible

Dr. Chris Morgan, dean of the School of Christian Ministries, served as the general editor for the new English Standard Version Systematic Theology Study Bible.

The publication is a rarity as new versions of it are not often released.

The study Bible, released Oct. 31, is published by a major evangelical publishing company, Crossway, and was contributed to by 26 authors such as theological J.I. Packer.

According to Crossway’s official website, where the publication is available for purchase, the study Bible features more than 400 short in-text doctrinal summaries that explain the connections between Bible passages and Christian doctrines. Also included are 25 longer articles that detail in great length some of those same doctrines as well as introductions to each book of the Bible and cross-references.

The publication has already received many positive reviews.

Some of the endorsements received have been from other authors and speakers such as Steven J. Lawson, the president of OnePassion Ministries in Dallas, Texas, and Trillia Newbell, evangelical speaker and author of “Enjoy, Fear and Faith, and United.”

Morgan spoke on his involvement with the study Bible production alongside the other two general editors of the project, Dr. Robert Peterson and Dr. Steve Wellum.

“We (Morgan, Peterson and Wellum) worked together to plan and organize 424 theological themes on issues related to God, love, heaven, etc., and placed each as sidebars throughout the Bible,” Morgan said. “We oversaw the 28 articles that briefly explain the key truths of the Christian faith.”

Morgan and his partners oversaw writing the introductions to each book of the Bible, which highlights theological themes of each book.

Morgan also wrote the article included in the study Bible “How to Do Theology: Worldview and Process” and co-wrote “The Church.”

Previous experience writing and co-writing other books and study Bibles helped prepare Morgan for this project. He is currently editing a 15-volume “Theology for the People of God” series, writing a Christian theology textbook, and working on four theological topic books.

Dr. Anthony Chute, associate dean of the School of Christian Ministries and professor of church history, said this new study Bible will be extremely beneficial to readers.

“(The study bible) is a very helpful resource that demonstrates how doctrine is derived from the Bible,” Chute said. “Instead of turning to a theological textbook in order to find out what the Bible states about any given issue, people can open the Bible and know that the doctrines discussed are rooted in the biblical text. It fills a much needed gap in the study Bible market.”

The study Bible is available for purchase from and Christian literature stores, such as the Westminster Bookstore.

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