UCO featured in TV program

The University Choir and Orchestra at California Baptist University was given the opportunity to showcase their talents Nov. 15 through a taped performance at Trinity Broadcasting Network.

The group was a part of the Christmas-themed program hosted by Bobby Schuller and guest evangelist Ray Comfort.

Jacob Arreola, CBU and UCO alumnus, works for TBN in the prayer center and recommended the group to take the place of the previously scheduled group that cancelled.

Out of the 153 students in UCO, 73 of the singers attended the taping and sang an adapted a cappella arrangement of “Silent Night, Holy Night” by Jay Rouse.

Dr. Guy Holliday, associate dean of the Shelby and Ferne Collinsworth School of Music and director of bands, has worked at CBU for 15 years and arranged the first verse of the song to be performed flash-mob style per TBN’s request.

Holliday said the performance began with their lead soprano, followed by sopranos, altos, tenors and finished with the basses.

Troy Mitchell, junior health science major, said he enjoyed the flash mob since it added a surprise for the audience.

“The choir was a part of the main audience and we were seated together with random visitors who had no clue about the flash mob,” Mitchell said. “My part was to wait for Ray Comfort to finish praying and then we’d start singing. It was a complete surprise for everyone there besides a couple of people on the set.”

Holliday said he hopes through these opportunities, UCO’s reputation will become known throughout the community.

“We hope that by doing this more opportunity will come,” Holliday said. “At the conclusion of the taping, Bobby Schuller invited UCO to sing at his church, Shepherd’s Grove church in Garden Grove. The worship services of his church are broadcast on the television program, the ‘Hour of Power.”

UCO has a long tradition of excellence in ministry. Although this program taping was different than what UCO typically does, it is similar in that UCO had the opportunity to minister to others through music, Holliday said.

UCO’s next concert is at Magnolia Church Dec. 3 at 7 p.m.

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