Frozen yogurt shop mixes flavor with art

Berries frozen yogurt shop, located in Rancho Cucamonga draws in locals and tourists alike with its remarkable, flavorful menu is displayed with frozen yogurt paintings hung on the wall.

Each painting is handcrafted, different in design and even differing in artist. The paintings are colorful, boisterous and fun , which makes the creations look even more desirable.

Kaitlyn Alonzo, sophomore political science major, has been an employee at Berries for nine months and said the business caters to locals and that the art menu has a lasting effect on customers.

“I really like this place because it’s a small business so we have a lot of loyal customers who are local and that’s really important for small businesses,” Alonzo said.

“(Berries) is really special because of its decor, how we have our menu of paintings and we’ve had employees and owners do the paintings for the shop.”

Alonzo said anyone connected to Berries could pitch a yogurt creation idea to the owner and if popular, they would start working on a painting for it.

The shop is becoming well-known around the California Baptist University campus. Ke’Aira Wilkes, sophomore music education major, upon her first visit could already attest to what was so special.

“It is a really cute spot. I like the aesthetic here and the vibe is really nice,” Wilkes said. “The food is just great. This creation that I got, the ‘Cookies and Creme’ specialty flavor, is the best thing I’ve ever had.”

The menu is noteworthy for its vibrant colors and each painting also lists the toppings for each creation.

The shop offers four flavors of frozen yogurt: original tart, vanilla, chocolate and sorbet berries. Customers can choose a base flavor and then add toppings from there or pick a specialty creation and choose to add or take away toppings as well.

From there, customers can choose whether or not they want their toppings placed on top or mixed in.

“The menu is really interesting and you can tell that someone sat down and took the time to make these paintings look really beautiful. It makes me really want to try every single one,” Wilkes said.

Courtney Chandler, sophomore graphic design major, has been to Berries on multiple occasions and had nothing but good things to say about the business.

“Berries is a really interesting place because of the way their menu is set up full of unique art pieces,” Chandler said. “The staff is really cool, all really personable and easy to talk to. They’ll answer any question you might have.”

The owner of the shop, Manuel Pilonieta, is not the first owner of the Rancho Cucamonga store but has kept the lively spirit of the shop alive throughout his time there.

The shop is located at 7305 Day Creek Blvd. and is open 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. every day.

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