Investment Group sees $22,000 financial return

Every student has different interests and the Spring Club Fair  Jan. 25 is a great way to get involved with other like-minded students who enjoy the same type of things. Many different clubs will be represented including the Investment Group.

While most college students might cower at the thought of having to balance a checkbook, the students in California Baptist University’s Investment Group is one club that is learning that investing money does not have to be scary.

With more than 20 members, the Investment Group has watched their investments grow up to $22,000 this past semester and the group said there is no end in sight.

“Some of the $22,000 is a return on investments, which came from donations and grants,” said Micah Cassianni, senior industrial and systems engineering major and president of the Investment Group.

For the most part, the money will remain in the investments and serve as a learning tool for future members. However, it may eventually be used toward scholarships for incoming students.

Each member of the Investment Group has the opportunity to acquire the basics as well as determining how to evaluate risks.

“The purpose of the group is to help any CBU student learn enough about investing that they can be confident enough to begin investing their own money,” said Dr. Adele Harrison, professor of finance and faculty adviser for the Investment Group. “We spend time helping students set goals, determine their comfort-level with risk and demonstrate the power of compounding interest.” 

The group was created with the intent to teach students how to understand money and the importance of how to set and achieve goals.

“Each member gains a unique set of knowledge and experiences based on where they are at in life,” said Taylor Jaskot, senior finance major and vice president and chief investment officer of the Investment Group. “We use a combination of skills, such as financial literacy and self-development, to aid in the development of our members through education and experiences.”

While investing may seem intimidating, the Investment Group encourages all members of the student body to join regardless of his or her major as it is an excellent opportunity to gain the confidence to invest with ease.

“The goal for the group this semester is to help all of the members make a portfolio that is unique to each of them,” Cassianni said. “We will also continue to rebalance and distribute funds in our portfolio.”

If learning to invest is of interest, the Investment Group meets every Tuesday from 4:30-6 p.m.,  in Room 103 of the Business Building and will also be at the Club Fair Jan. 25. in Stamps Courtyard.

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