Celebration over Salling’s suicide needs to stop

Suicide should never be celebrated.

I didn’t even think any other opinion existed that contradicts that statement.

At the age of 35, Mark Salling, most famously known for his role as Noah “Puck” Puckermann in “Glee,” committed suicide by hanging himself. Salling was scheduled for a sentencing March 8 after pleading guilty to the possession of child pornography.

His crime was undeniably terrible, but his life, like all of ours, is undeniably precious.

Salling was a son and a brother; he was someone’s family and someone’s friend. It is incredibly sick of people to celebrate him taking his own life.

Just like there is nothing anyone can say to a family who lost a loved one to make them feel better, there is nothing any Twitter user can tweet to reverse the wrong he did.

However, there are words that have been said that can and has  only maximized the pain his family and friends are

Having compassion toward those who are deeply affected by Salling’s death does not make excuses for his actions.

It certainly does not affect Internet users in a negative way if they were to act as decent human beings by allowing the space, the time and the respect his family and friends deserve during
this time.

I, like many others who share the same opinion as me, are not defending Salling and his actions.

I, like many other decent people, am making an effort to be  mature enough to think about all the parties involved, to think about the family and friends who will be gathering around a casket to say their goodbyes.

Thankfully, there are people who realize that suicide is something that should never be celebrated.

No one was OK when YouTuber Logan Paul made a joke out of a man who committed suicide, so why are some people celebrating Salling’s suicide?

No one has the right to say who deserves to live or die. No one has the authority to place a value on someone’s life and dictate whether or not his or her death should be mourned.

Salling’s actions will never be excusable, but his family deserves the privacy to mourn and the sympathy of loss.

Suicide is never is the answer. It has never been and it never will be.

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