DREAM celebration inspires camaraderie

Momentum and excitement for California Baptist University’s DREAM event has been building  and the night is expected to be a success. The event will take place Feb. 8 from 7-9 p.m. in the Innovators Auditorium.

The night is in honor Martin Luther King Jr. and all he stood for as well as to portray the talent of CBU students.

Singing, dancing and poetry readings are a few of the things that will be showcased; any students who desire to perform something will have the opportunity to do so.

Community Life has put countless hours into creating a night for students to unite under the umbrella of equality and strength.

George Martin, director of Cultural and Commuter Programs, voiced his excitement and hopes for the event.

“The DREAM event is meant to be an impactful opportunity to enrich our experience at CBU and inform students of the vast diversity of which they’re a part,” Martin said. “With our nation being so divided, a night celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. and all that he stood for is greatly needed. We hope to highlight the love that God has for all of his children, and encourage students to appreciate the equality of the school they attend.”

Martin also noted some of the differences between last year’s event and this year.

“While there are no major changes, the DREAM entrance will be brand new and we feel a lot of momentum from last year,” Martin said. “We were considering bringing in a big-name artist but decided to showcase the students’ talent instead. There will be singing, dancing, and hopefully some very impacted lives.”

The DREAM entrance will be one of the key components of the event. Athletes, student leaders and international students will be lined up along the walls of the auditorium and come together as one student body.

Steven Bankhole – Wright, Community Life intern and senior music education major, said that working on the event has disclosed a deeper purpose behind it.

“I enjoy the work that I do with the school because now I know that they are working to promote the celebration of diversity on campus,” said Wright.

Danyella Wilder, junior journalism and new media major, said,“The idea of the DREAM event is to come together as a school and move forward under the influence of MLK’s dream. It takes place during Black History Month, and gives students the opportunity to experience music and art from cultures apart from their own.”

“Working in a position that is seen by a lot of people helps keep me accountable for my own life, and I cannot wait to see the outcome of an event like this.”

CBU is home to a diverse population of students. The Community Life office said they hope those who attend the event will leave feeling united.

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