Toi Moi stand-alone, sweet shop brings healthy treats to Riverside community

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After its grand opening in 2015, Toi Moi is celebrating three years of operation this February.

Toi Moi, a quaint mom-and-pop shop owned by kind and generous people, caters to a variety of different cravings with its expansive menu.

This stand-alone sweet shop offers many options such as smoothies, açaí bowls, Italian ice, boba teas and even Dole Whip, the classic Disneyland pineapple dessert.

“In the beginning it was hard because not many people knew about us, but we find that every year (the increase in customers coming to the shop) gets better and better,” said June Lee,  owner of Toi Moi.

Kengkue Her

Though the pace of customers coming to the store started out slow, the owners at Toi Moi cater to the popularity of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities along with tasty desserts such as ice cream, as well as healthy alternatives such as smoothies and açaí bowls.

“We do advertising in the local newspapers but many young people come because they heard about us through Instagram,” Lee said.

The menu is displayed on a large chalkboard wall, stretching across the shop. One corner even has chalk art for customers to admire, pose in front of, and share photos of on social media.

“Over the last three years, we’ve noticed that young people lean toward natural foods like açaí bowls,” Lee said. “We see açaí bowls and smoothies as the future for our shop and we already serve that.”

In addition to Italian ice and ice cream, Toi Moi offers other fruit-filled treats.

The options at Toi Moi are seemingly endless with limitless combinations of flavors at a decent price.

“I’ve only lived here four months, but (Toi Moi) has the best boba I’ve had on the West Coast,” said Spencer Maynard, freshman political science major. “I’d recommend it because it’s inexpensive and close by.”

Toi Moi is painted bright pink and decorated with other bright colors and knick-knacks, giving a fun and homey feel to the shop.

“I liked it because it brought me back to my past and my South Korean roots,” said Jun Ha Lee, freshman criminal justice major. “It had that certain South Korean vibe with the vivid colors, small decorations, and chalkboard. I would definitely recommend (Toi Moi) to a friend.”

Toi Moi is located at 10181 Hole Ave., adjacent to the Tyler Galleria.

With its wide range of  sweet treats as well as healthy options, Toi Moi is sure to satisfy any type of craving.

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