No need to worry this Valentine’s Day, men

There is a common misconception that when Feb. 14 rolls around, men will do just about anything  to get out of the heart-filled day, but this does not always have to be the case.

It is true some men see Valentine’s Day as a made-up holiday created to get people to spend money. However, others see it as a day to show their creative side and step out of the normal dinner and a movie date.

When men hear the words Valentine’s Day, they should be filled with excitement and joy instead of anxiety and self-doubt. It is meant to be a day to show the love and appreciation they have for their significant other — not who can spend the most money.

Feb. 14 gives men the opportunity to show their admiration for the one they love. This does not have to mean buying a stuffed bear bigger than his car. Simply carving time out of his busy schedule to show his devotion is all she really wants.

“I am really busy during the week, so when Valentine’s Day falls on a week day I don’t have time to do something extravagant,” said Sebastian Ayala, senior music education major. “I usually just pick up some flowers and take-out so we can watch a movie at home.”

The heart-filled day is made to affirm love by doing little things one would not normally do. This could mean making a home-made dinner instead of going out or even a handmade card with an endearing note would do the trick.

“I hate going out on Valentine’s Day because everywhere you go there are so many people,” said Ryan Reed, senior bio-chemistry and molecular biology major. “You always end up waiting an hour just to get a table, so I would much rather stay at home and make dinner.”

The pressure to be the perfect boyfriend and create an amazing Valentine’s Day is created by society. More often than not, a girl could not care less about the long lines at the fancy restaurants because she just wants to spend time with her man.

At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is not about the fancy chocolate, stuffed bears or expensive flowers; it is about spending time with the one you love, creating memories, doing things you both enjoy together.

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