Note taking reinvented through new technology

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It wasn’t until the early ‘80s that laptops became available to the public. From then hand-held, transportable technology has evolved to tablets, iPads and smartphones.

This technological advance has impacted the way that both students and professors interact in and outside of the classroom.

With so many different options, some students are taking advantage of these advancements in the classroom setting.

“I prefer to take notes on my computer. With loose paper, it is harder for me personally to be organized,” said Tanner Johnson, senior marketing major. “Also, writing notes from a computer saves trees and is more environmentally friendly. I’m definitely not a tree-hugger but nature is pretty chill.”

“Note taking in the classroom has evolved into an easier and better process but we need to find ways to stay focused and not be distracted easily.”

While Johnson said he is fond of the technology takeover, not all students feel the same way.

Joey Magliato, senior marketing major, said he feels the opposite of Johnson about note taking in classroom settings.

“I notice people take notes on their laptops but students often get distracted with other features of their device, which takes away from the learning experience,” Magliato said.

Magliato said he prefers to write his notes because it gives him more freedom and helps him remember content better.

“Writing works better for my memory than typing. It might be just the physical act of writing or the organization of a notebook,” Magliato said.

Dr. Troy Hinrich, professor of criminal justice, said he is not bothered by how his students take notes. Hinrich said he does not see a difference in the grades of his students who handwrite their notes compared to students who use digital devices.

“About half of my students take notes on their laptops and half take notes by hand, but there is the distraction element of it,” Hinrich said. “Not every student who has a laptop out is actually taking notes, I’m sure some of them are just surfing the Web.”

Despite all the good technology has done for society, it can also be considered distracting in the classroom.

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