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Shop Lux Clothing is a clothing boutique in Riverside featuring trendy, bohemian-style clothing that gained its popularity through the company’s Instagram account.

“Social media is huge,” said Kaylyn Kaksuka, owner of Shop Lux says of its account. “All of us women are guilty of scrolling through our feeds, staying up-to-date on fashion and following our favorite bloggers, brands and stores. So for businesses, it’s a free tool to put our brand in front of customers’ eyes daily.”

Shop Lux posts daily with new outfit ideas, customers wearing their products and different deals and sales going on within the store or online.

In addition to shopping online, locals can visit the store in-person to see and try on the clothing, as well as admire the quirky decor around the shop.

“We love that Shop Lux is local to California Baptist University. We have so many employees and customers who come from CBU, and we love we can connect with women from our local colleges.”

With a wide variety of clothing options from which to choose, from trendy graphic tees to pants with stripes or plaid prints, Shop Lux has it all.

Not only does the local Riverside boutique sell fashion-forward clothing but it also carries a myriad of accessories such as purses, phone cases, jewelry and more.

“I love Lux because there is only one store in Riverside, which makes them more special and close to my new home, CBU,” said Hailey Seheult, freshman early childhood development major.

“I’ve met the owner once before when I did a mini-photoshoot for her and she is so devoted to Lux and is a major fashion inspiration. Their clothes are unbeatable.”

While still offering high-quality, fashionable pieces, the prices remain affordable for college students on a budget.

Located at 3674 Sunnyside Drive, Shop Lux is a hotspot for stylish clothing and accessories at modest prices.

With only one current store open, the store is a gem that locals prize as a hidden stash for the cutest and trendiest clothes.

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