Teen Vogue deals weighty topics

Teen Vogue has taken a turn from mere beauty and fashion articles and entered the world of politics and social justice.

Since 2003, the company has produced magazines directed toward young readers — all concerning the latest trends and fads. For years, its main focus was fashion and the latest celebrity gossip.

However, more recently, issues such as feminism, race and gender have appeared in the magazine’s pages.

Teen Vogue’s audience has always primarily been preteens to young adults, but with the introduction of more mature topics, critics suggest most of the magazine’s readers are 18 years old and up.

“It’s great to introduce things such as feminism and the controversy over the transgender community. However, the authors need to remember who their target audience is,” said Dr. Tim Luther, professor of political science.

While the magazine is intended for developing minds, a recent article about gifts to give a friend post – abortion could be considered a clear indicator that the publication is beginning to aim for an older crowd. The article is intended to make light of the subject.

“It is not healthy for such young minds reading about such large concepts such as abortion, especially since the magazine is supposed to be light and somewhat shallow,” said Marilyn Moore, associate professor of sociology. “For a company to go from discussing beauty products to something as heavy as abortion, either the audience is much older or the authors are trying to persuade the younger crowd to simply accept things that should really be taken into consideration.”

Kiara Hernandez, junior political science major, said she has been an active Teen Vogue reader since she was 14.

“I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing for the company to be introducing heavier topics such as abortion, feminism and racism,” Hernandez said. “They are a massive part of our culture right now and young girls will be exposed to them one way or another.

“The issues they bring up should not be written about so lightheartedly. Reading about transgender marches is not as casual as reading about a new fashion trend and the magazine is acting like it is.”

Society is greatly divided over many sensitive topics and when and where they should be brought up. The way they are presented to younger generations is important, they are the future.

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