‘Lance’ the Lancer boosts spirit

If you have ever attended a sports game at California Baptist University, you will probably see a Lancer in full armor walking through the bleachers energizing the crowd. The Lancer’s name is “Lance,” and he is the mascot of CBU.

Lance said knights have represented CBU since 1955, but he became a part of the university fairly recently.

“I, Lance, arrived on campus in 2006 when CBU decided to expand its spirit program and add cheerleading as a sport,” Lance said. “Goodness, I love those ladies.” Lance said his job at CBU depends on the season.

“Welcome, graduations and Homecoming are my busiest times of year. Recently, I got to shoot a video with the wrestling team at CBU to promote their Friday night match,” Lance said.

Jacob Gomez, freshman health science major and Crazie, said Lance is great at entertaining the crowd at games.

“He’s able to go around and say ‘Hi’ to all the fans in the crowd, and everyone is always asking him for a photo, a hug or a high-five. He’s also really great for the kids; they love him.”

Emily Neal, sophomore early childhood development major and Crazie, said that Lance symbolizes the student body.

“The Lancer itself is a fighter and shows that we persist, even if the team is losing at one point, they are still ready to get back out there and win,” Neal said. “He’s an example of a warrior and helps keep the crowd going so our team can win.”

Neal said without the energy of Lance, the Crazies and the crowd, the players would have difficulty winning games and competitons.

“The players have the skill and know exactly what they need to do on the court, but they need energy, school spirit and pride from Lance and the rest of CBU to help the players win,” Neal said.

Lance said his goal is to always lead those in Lancer Nation to be as spirited as they can be at games.

“Having our crowd at its best really gives us that home court, or field, advantage,” Lance said. “I tend to stand out at games in my gold armor, so if I can get the crowd’s attention and get fans on their feet, I’m doing my job.”

Gomez said it is important that Lance and the students show  school spirit at games because it demonstrates the community of the students.    

“It shows we’re Lancers and that we’re all one,” Gomez said.

Lance also talked about the perks of being the mascot of CBU.

“I get to cheer on the best teams in the world, on the most beautiful campus in the world, with the best fans in the world,” Lance said.

When asked why his identity is such a secret, Lance seemed confused.

“What are you talking about?” asked Lance. “My name is Lance. I thought everyone at CBU knows that.”

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