Intazza coffee shop in Murrieta offers menu, soft atmosphere break from Riverside locals

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There is no shortage of places to get a hot drink and settle down to study in Riverside. With coffee shops continuing to grow in popularity, some students have come to find that each shop is a bit overpopulated, which makes the idea of getting out of town a bit more appealing to the average college student.

Intazza coffee shop, located in Murrieta, is a place to visit outside of Riverside. Intazza differs from any of Riverside’s more local coffee stops in its design, menu, space, environment and atmosphere.

Employees and customers alike both take note of Intazza’s relaxed and open environment. People come in to do work and study or to hang out with friends over coffee, tea or a snack.

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“Intazza is different from any other local coffee shop in the area because we offer an experience,” said Noah Lopez, employee at Intazza. “Here at Intazza, we are an open book, and we allow the customers to watch and learn how everything is made, from the roasting of our beans, to the making of our beverages, all of which can be seen and enjoyed right before their eyes.”

Stacy Hernandez, senior visual arts major and local in Murrieta, said the atmosphere of Intazza draws her in as a customer and makes her want to stay a while to hang out with friends or study.

“It has a really good vibe to it. It has a more laid-back vibe,” Hernandez said. “A lot of coffee shops are super quiet and everyone is there to do their homework, but here at Intazza ,a lot of people come here just to hang out, which is nice.”

Hernandez also said the style and set up of the shop stands out among many other coffee shops.

“I like the way they’re set up. Everything is very out in the open and you get to see what is going on behind the counter—behind the scenes of them making your drink, which is pretty cool,” Hernandez said. “It’s super-modern, almost hipster, but it has more of a contemporary art feel to it. The environment is really chill, which is nice because I can come and just hang out with my gal pals.”

Hernandez met up with close friend Beka Leininger, senior visual arts major, during her most recent visit to Intazza. Leininger is not a local but said she still found the trip out to Intazza worth the drive.

“I like the high ceilings. At a lot of other coffee shops, they have lower ceilings, which can make you feel cramped, but with the open space I feel more loose and relaxed here,” Leininger said.

Leininger also said she prefers to be outside of her normal, local space when studying.

“Most of the coffee shops in Riverside are full of busy workers but when I go to a coffee shop to get work done I don’t really want to see people I know,” Leininger said. “Intazza is a little more isolated and has a little bit more of a creative and relaxed vibe compared to other local places Also, the tea and coffee is really good.”

Intazza offers various choices on its menu for coffee and tea lovers. It is located at 28860 Sky Canyon Drive, Murrieta.

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