Lancer Derby brings all the boys to the yard

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Couch event creates new traditions for UP Men and Smith Hall.

The men of Smith Hall and University Place Apartments gathered to compete in the first ever Lancer Derby — racing personalized couches in front of the Front Lawn.

Residents competed in presentation and speed to bring honor to their halls and join in community in this new event.

Spray-painted couches barreled across the pavement with their riders holding tight and their eye on the prize.

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Josh Bostanic, men’s residence director of University Place Apartments, had competed in a similar event while he was in college and inspired the men of these two residences to take on the challenge.

Hall 3B of Smith decided on a “Cool Runnings” theme after the 1993 Disney film about the Jamaican bobsleigh team in the 1988 Winter Olympics.

The team worked the weekend prior to decorate shirts and their couch before competing.

While they did not walk away with the presentation award, Hall 3D finished with the fastest race times and were crowned victorious.

“My favorite part of the event was when my hall (3B) won the whole thing,” said Amos Chute, freshman Christian studies major. “It felt so good because all of our guys worked so hard on it and it was cool to win that event with my amazing hallmates.”

Despite a few broken couch wheels, the men enjoyed their time in community and competition, said Will Yih, senior healthcare administration major and Smith Hall resident adviser.

“It was cool seeing the freshmen and upperclassmen come together and have a good time building and racing couches,” Yih said.

Bostanic watched as the men of both residence areas presented their couches with enthusiasm and creativity racing side by side.

“Camaraderie was formed through brainstorming couch theme ideas, constructing/decorating, presenting to the judges and participating in the race,” Bostanic said. “Also, the collaboration between Smith and UP men gave residents the opportunity to form relationships with students across campus, with whom they wouldn’t regularly get to interact.”

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