Orchestra gives voice to student instrumentalists

The Shelby and Ferne Collinsworth School of Music has recently made new efforts to showcase their orchestra and chamber ensembles with outdoor concerts.

These concerts display different types of performances and can have up to 17 people performing. The concerts feature ensembles from duets to quartets and are exclusively string instruments.

The newest development is “Concerts on the Green,” a concert series available to all students held on the lawn between the Billie and Eugene Yeager center and Wallace Theatre.

Because of the reduced number of performers in the ensemble, each instrument plays a vital role in the musicality of the pieces, requiring students in the ensembles to be at a much higher skill-level.

Dr. Angela Brand, professor of music, oversees these outdoor concerts and serves as both lead organizer and the concert conductor.

With her high regard for music and students, she has helped create these orchestra ensembles to give her students outlets for their talents and give the student body access to musical experiences.

“It is important to showcase these students to the student community and have outreach to our community, in general,” Brand said.

The Chamber Orchestra has performed at local high schools and churches and was given the opportunity to perform at the Huran Award Ceremony Feb. 28, the purpose of which is to further improve and solidify relations between the United States and China.

The students who perform in these orchestra ensembles are specifically selected to join for their musical talent and passion. Those selected have the opportunity to perform and said they get enjoyment from being part of the group.

“Our events benefit the community because they allow the general population of CBU to see that music is something that can be casual and enjoyable on many levels,“ said Kristin Marion Nyquist, senior instrumental performance major and one of the cellists in the orchestra.

Brand said passion for their art is what drives these performers. The School of Music gives opportunities such as these for students who enjoy music to grow their talent and share what they do with the student community.

Daniel Dominguez, a graduate student, is an example of a passionate artist who regularly performs at these events. For many of these performers, it gives them a chance to show others what they enjoy.

Reagan Lee | CBU Banner

Ensembles in this orchestra not only perform for their own enjoyment but for the ability to educate and expose the CBU student community to
their craft.

“My favorite part is to show how indescribable it is to be able to forget about everything when I am playing,” Dominguez said. “Nothing really matters and  everything is perfect when I’m performing. I am focusing on communicating, playing the right notes and playing
together with all the musicians
around me.”

The next concert will be held in Stamps Courtyard, April 5 at 12:05 p.m., with the series
continuing on the first Thursday of every month.

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