Plan a spring break with applications

With spring break approaching the time has come to think about planning quick vacations and weekend getaways. But being on a budget sometimes makes these ideas of fun-filled trips with friends seem impossible to the average college student looking to escape reality.

Fear not as apps and businesses that specialize in saving a dollar or two on hotels and plane rides can be utilized by students in order to plan trips full of memories that will last
a lifetime.

With California Baptist University being so close to hot-spots such Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach and more, students can save money by road—tripping to a desired location rather than flying somewhere far away.

“Social media and websites are really great for finding comparisons between different flights and hotels,” said Coreylon Polk, director of Conferences and Events and frequent traveler. “Airbnb can rent entire homes for the price hotels offer for one room for one night. It’s much more private and inexpensive.”

Airbnb is an app that offers rooms, apartments or entire homes for rent for short periods of time. These spaces are normally much less expensive than hotel rooms, should the getaway require a place to stay.

Coupon codes are available online for free on websites such as, so discounts can be applied before finalizing any plans.

“Using Airbnb is super easy and, in my experience, is always worth it,” said Michelle Peprah, senior psychology major. “I used Airbnb most when I was traveling abroad and always went with friends.”

Traveling with friends while using cost—efficient apps and services help with reducing the cost for each person for a quick and memorable getaway.

The Velocity app allows users to create reservations in some of the best restaurants across the nation.

Venmo is a popular app used to send money to friends and makes splitting costs for hotels, gas, activities and trips simplified. This can also be helpful when splitting checks.

“I have used (Venmo) for big checks so that you put way less stress on your server when you come with a big party,” said Courtney Chandler, sophomore graphic design major. “It also comes in handy when you need to split gas costs between friends for rides.”

Though some may feel that their dreams of exploring the world, or in driving distances from CBU, are unattainable, apps and websites can be
utilized to make those dreams a reality.

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