‘Race for Perseverance’ comes to Chapel stage

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Worship arts majors write inspired song to encourage.

California Baptist University’s Kylie Page, Morganne Warner and Joey Ramirez, freshman worship arts majors are quickly gaining popularity for their worship song, “Race of Perseverance,” which has been sung during Chapel and other CBU events such as the Self Expression event and the Dream Event.

At a worship retreat on Catalina Island the weekend before clases started last fall, each worship arts major was required to write two songs and present them to the students and faculty who attended the retreat. The three students wrote the song.

“Race of Perseverance” was soon heard by Tommy Walker, Christian singer-songwriter and Hector Gabriel Jiminez, assistant professor of music and Chapel worship leader, who endorsed and supported the song after making minor changes to the lyrics and melody.

Many responded positively to the song when it was sung at Chapel services, from people shining the light on their phones to others cheering loudly during worship.

“I wanted to write a song that ministered to people’s pain and them going through the pain,” Warner said. “I wanted it to be different than other songs.”

Warner said she had a family member for whom she was praying for at the time and had to let God take control of the situation. She said this experience contributed to the lyrics as she penned the song.

“The transition from high school to college was tough because I had to endure depression and not look back at the past,” Page said.

Page said these convictions helped her to choose the lyrics when writing the song.

Ramirez, who had been composing music since the age of 7, he said he usually writes worship songs without lyrics. Using this experience, he said he was able to find the melody for the song based on Hebrews 12:1-2.

Page and Warner said they plan on pursuing worship music after their college careers while Ramirez plans to develop software for music after he graduates from CBU.

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