Robbins Brothers sells ethically mined rocks

Robbins Brothers, a major jewelry retailer, known as the “Engagement Ring Store,” aims to provide conflict-free diamonds by mandating that suppliers adhere to a certification process before diamonds are sold at their locations.

Introduced in the 1920s as a family business, Robbins Brothers has evolved into specializing in engagement ring settings and loose diamonds imported worldwide. They carry an extensive selection of wedding bands, promise rings, anniversary bands and more.

This jeweler requires that diamond suppliers adhere to the Kimberley Process Certificate before importation of diamonds to the United States.

It is done to ensure there is no conflict with the country of origin. This process standardizes the certification among diamond-exporting countries, creating common language, transparency and monitoring of diamond exportation.

They aim to prohibit the importation of diamonds whose mining fuels conflict in the country of origin,  to provide ethical diamonds.

Rebecca Valenzuela, senior communications studies major, recently got married Jan. 12. She explained how knowing where the diamond came from meant a lot to her.

“My diamond is from Cayman Island in the Caribbean where my husband Anthony’s grandma is from so it’s an heirloom,” Valenzuela said. “It makes it more special to me knowing where it came from and that the person I’m married to has good morals and knows that it matters to me where my diamond comes from.”

Robbins Brothers goes to great lengths to ensure they provide conflict-free diamonds. Legislation now levies significant sanctions against those who fail to comply on Robbins Brothers, in its process, barring those companies access to the legitimate diamond market.

Ciara Sabbath, junior psychology major, was also married Feb. 17 and had similar concerns about ethically sourced diamonds.

Her husband, Deon Sabbath, originally wanted to get her a diamond but she asked for a morganite gem instead.

“I chose an alternative gem because I didn’t want to worry about where my diamond was coming from and whether or not it was ethically sourced,” Sabbath said. “Knowing that Robbins Brothers provides conflict-free diamonds makes me want to go buy other jewelry there. It’s really good they do that and more people should shop there and be more educated on the subject.”

Tracey Lyles, director of social media and public relations at Robbins Brothers, recommends the company, for those who are in the market for diamonds, especially being that they carry conflict—free diamonds.

“It gives me peace of mind that I work for an honest company that goes to great lengths to ensure that conflict diamonds are not sold to customers,” Lyles said of Robbins Brothers. “I am quite confident and trust the procedure that has been implemented here.”

The nearest Robbins Brothers is located at the Galleria at Tyler Mall in Riverside.

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