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Most students at California Baptist University attend sporting events, but what they may not realize are the two people behind the scenes ensuring everything turns out just right. These two people are Sammi Wellman, director of sports information, and Andrew Shortall, assistant sports information director.

Together, Shortall and Wellman are in charge of picking CBU athletes of the week for the conference, prepping for games, and helping out with other programs on campus such as The Banner. No two days are the same, however.

“There’s not a typical or normal day, there’s always something different going on and you don’t get bored, that’s for sure,” Shortall said.

Both Shortall and Wellman are Azusa Pacific University alumni but said they were drawn to the CBU sports information program because the job gave them the opportunity to combine their two passions: sports and writing.

Wellman said her favorite part of her job is getting paid to watch sports and going to new places she never thought she would go to.

“I’ve gone to national championships and I’ve gotten to go to Hawaii. Prior to CBU, I had never gone to Hawaii but I’ve gone four or five times now,” Wellman said. “You’re still working but you get to go and experience things.”

Lauren Hackett, senior graphic design major, played on the CBU women’s volleyball team and works for the Sports Information Department. Hackett said she has enjoyed her time working with Wellman and Shortall.

“Sports information is working behind the scenes and doing the things that nobody knows is happening and it’s fun to be a part of that,” Hackett said.

Hackett added that she got to know Shortall while traveling to Hawaii with her team during her freshman year.

“We all got to know how hilarious and kind he is,” Hackett said of Shortall.

Shortall said something he will never forget about his job at CBU is the feeling of camaraderie and being on a team.

“I enjoy the team aspect. This is a unique Athletics Department,” Shortall said. “Obviously, this is a Christian university, so everyone is warm and welcoming. Being a part of an institution that is having so much success and you get to have a part of that and play a role in that is really cool.”

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