Students use social media to stay connected, or overshare?

People use social media for many different things —personal expression, entertainment, social interaction or simply to pass the time, to name a few.

Some argue posting all of this content for the world to see is not needed or bothersome, but others enjoy seeing their personal expression come to life through different posts.

With more than 1.5 billion people on Facebook, 800 million active users on Instagram, 158 million sending Snapchats and 330 million users on Twitter, it is safe to say social media has taken over as a mode of self-expression and a way to be heard.

Most college students would agree that social media has changed the way they perceive the world as well as other people, but not everyone would agree this change is for the better.

“I personally do not care about social media that much,” said Evan Schneider, senior criminal justice major. “I don’t like to go on and see what you had for dinner that day because that isn’t important. I would rather see the big – life events because that is what is important, not your outfit today.”

Not everyone feels that people on social media share too much, but rather enjoy seeing personal details.

“I don’t think people share too much on social media,” said Sam Shroll, junior theater major. “I love scrolling through Instagram because I like to know what all my friends are up to. It is so cool to see all the fun places people go and see how different people live their lives so it doesn’t bother me at all.”

Some feel posting every thought on social media can make things uncomfortable and put a strain on personal relationships.

“I’m all for free expression and the ability to share how you feel but it gets messy when people begin to post things that bring others down,” said Giorgia Catalano, senior early childhood studies major.“Like when people get into political debates and begin to tear others down. Conversations like that are best said in – person or over private – messaging.”

At the end of the day, social media is personalized to you and your likes, so you can use it however you wish.

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