ASCBU president prioritizes students

Arneson plans engagement with student body; improves opportunities.

“Running for (Associated Students for California Baptist University) president seemed like a natural step,” said Rebecca Arneson, junior philosophy and business double major and ASCBU’s newly elected executive president for the 2018-2019 school year. “CBU has offered me so many unique experiences. Being a part of student leadership is a way to give back to that experience.”

Arneson said she feels her majors have equipped her to hold and navigate the presidency well.

“Philosophy has taught me how to think and problem-solve,” Arneson said. “(I have acquired) critical thinking skills that you need for leadership situations.”

Arneson said she desires to be approachable to her fellow students and to hearing everyone’s opinions.

“I’d love to have a way to directly meet with students, I hope that’s something I can put into place next year,” Arneson said.

Arneson said her main goals are “being approachable and increasing collaboration,” which will be the theme of next year’s ASCBU’s Executive Council.

Arneson has worked in student leadership as a resident advisor during her sophomore and junior years. During that time, Melissa Fillmore served as the resident director of Simmons Hall and Arneson’s supervisor.

Fillmore says she sees that Arneson notices that things are amiss and takes initiative to make 
changes. Her time as an RA has developed her as an individual to prepare her for the role as ASCBU

“Becca genuinely cares for people,” Filmore said. “She would always be open to someone approaching her but a lot of times she’s the one who does the approaching.”

Arneson said her presidency will be centered around the practical improvement of campus. She plans to improve campus recycling and add more drinking fountains and trash cans. Arneson also shared that she is not planning any drastic additions, but to better the existing opportunities
on campus.

“I would love to improve upon pre-existing programs and increase collaboration,” Arneson said. “There are so many things that already exist that can be taken to the next level.”

She said she hopes the council to collaborate with programs to make campus activities and establishments more productive and effective.

Michelle Trussell, freshman liberal studies major and Arneson’s resident in Simmons Hall, attested to Arneson’s appreciation for CBU.

“I have learned why she loves this school so much,” Trussel said. “She loves the campus, I see her walking around and getting excited about it.”

Arneson’s joy for CBU makes her the perfect fit for leadership of the students body in the years to come.

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