Life 101 club brings insight to students

The Life 101 Club was created to educate students about topics needed to succeed during adulthood. It equips students with knowledge and understanding of how to navigate through life after college while keeping you out of financial trouble.

This club covers topics such as student debt, job hunting, job loss, foundations of relationships and credit cards.

The topics presented are  real-life scenarios students will experience after college and the club teaches what do when presented with each issue.

Dr. Marc Weniger, associate professor of business and club adviser, said the ultimate goal of the club is to provide students with a solid foundation of what to do next in life and recommends students visit this club at least once.

“Every student should be here because there is not a single student that doesn’t need this. All students are going to learn this one way or the other,” Weniger said. “Some people are going to learn it the really hard way and have huge debt and bankruptcy and other students are going to learn it and can avoid a lot of really expensive problems in the future.”

Life 101 offers a realistic discussion about how to manage post-graduation life and helps students avoid heartaches after college by learning about the topics presented in this club.

Michael Riad, senior business management major who also has been involved in the startup of this club, said this club has taught him a great deal and has helped him correct financial problems that he has made in the past. He said he has learned more from this club than from most courses he has taken.

“There’s a lot I didn’t know, like about your 401(k) and how early you have to start. You just learn a lot so that when you are out there, you know already what you’re doing. You don’t have to second guess and you don’t have to make those mistakes,” Riad said. “I haven’t had any other course where I’ve learned about personal taxes, how to buy a car, what to look for and little stuff that really matters. You learn stuff for work but also for your life essentially. That’s why we created this club.”

Life 101 Club has helped soon-to-be graduates think about decisions they will have to make in the future, such as major financial purchases  that will be made.

“Life 101 prepared me for my future and allowed me to think of when I would want to buy a house, where I want to buy a house and how much should I spend on a house,” said Natalia Kimble, senior business administration major. “It prepared me more for life and I feel like I wouldn’t  have known these things if I wouldn’t have been in this club.”

The club meets every Thursday from 6-7 p.m. in the Robert K. Jabs School of Business Building in Room 203.

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