Smith Hall Movie Awards brings new traditions

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The Men of Smith create short films in order to make a sense of brotherhood.

California Baptist University held its annual Smith Hall Movie Awards, March 27. where each hall creates a five-minute film to present in front of a panel of judges in hopes to have the honor of bragging rights.

The event incorporates as many people as possible, giving an opportunity to foster a sense of community.

“The community that’s built by making such a silly thing as videos really brings people together,” said Isaac Pitman, junior mathematics major and resident adviser for Smith Hall. “To see eight to 12 guys come together and film into the late night, it connects people that normally would not see connected but they come together because they want to win.”

Unlike WooFest, in which both lower and upperclassmen participate, the Smith Hall Music Awards is just a freshmen event, eliminating the intimidation factor.

The freshmen can come together while being surrounded by other like-minded peers.

“They get to feel like a movie star for a day. We have a red carpet out there and paparazzi taking picture of them,” Pitman said. “They get to feel special and acknowledge them while building community.”

The winners in all four categories —Smith favorite, best use of Devon Emans, the community advisor, best male actor and best overall picture — all delivered outstanding performances with a variety of different films to show off to their fellow hall mates.

“My favorite thing about the awards was the variety,” said Ryan Massicci, resident of Hall 2D and freshman marketing major. “We didn’t communicate with each other about what types of movies we were doing but we came out and there was no movie that was similar because we all touched every genre.”

The six halls said they were able to be a part of something they felt would bring joy to others but in the process were able to create bonds with their hallmates, making a sense of brotherhood.

“Getting that many guys to all have fun really brings us all together. You can be a different major or a different background but you are still able to have fun together because of what Smith Hall has provided,” Massicci said.

Ethan Cucuta’s, freshman film major, and resident of Hall 2B won best picture. He said he enjoyed the event and the sense of community it brought Smith.

“It takes people that wouldn’t normally be together to hang out,” Cucuta said. “It almost forces people to interact, bringing them together as a family, which is what I believe is one of the best parts of Smith.”

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